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The Customer is not Always Right. Vol 2

Doing customer service in the construction industry you definitely got a lot of confused customers because let’s face most people don’t know what they are doing when it comes to construction, hence the reason they hire someone to do it for them. I had this one customer that we will call Mrs. Trim considering most of her issues dealt with this custom trim that she wanted, so it matched the rest of her house. Totally understandable, why wouldn’t you? The problem that came up is when we were at her home she refused to let us take a trim sample in order to find someone that carried it because we didn’t. She decided that her best route was to find it on her own (big mistake). Needless to say after some time passes we are getting close to her install date and we haven’t heard anything back from Mrs. Trim, so I call her. She tells me that she found the trim and she should have it in about 3-4 days. Ok, cool, so I let her know that I will call her back around that time to make sure she received what she wanted and the work can begin on time, mind you we are still a couple weeks out of beginning the work. After I get off the phone with Mrs. Trim I notice that her account has some notes to make sure the trim is prefinished (primed) because the customer has her own paint that she wants to use. In my head I’m like ok, well I am not going to call her back now I will just ask her when I call her in a few days. Now we are not a painting company and this order was just for some windows, so typically the trim around the window comes very basic as far as color goes. Most people you are either getting a version of white, wood color, black, or just primed, but nothing crazy because there is no way to for companies to stock every color ever made it’s just not feasible. The day comes for me to call the customer back which I do and she tells me that she received the trim. I ask her did the trim come primed? (which is something we can do so it can be painted by the customer or whoever they hire to paint it) Mrs. Trim asks me “what does it matter if it’s primed?” Well Mrs. Trim I noticed in your account that you had your own paint so you could match the color of the other trim in your home. Her attitude immediately starts getting worse and replies “I don’t know where that came from. Don’t you have to prime it before you paint it?” Yes, you do that is why I am asking if yours came primed. “Well I don’t get why this is so confusing, you have to put the trim up before it can be painted. Are you going to paint it? Why are you even asking me such a unnecessary question?” Well, Mrs. Trim that’s not something we normally do, but we do have a painter we can have come out, but there is an additional cost and the reason that I am asking you this question you stupid bitch (I totally didn’t say that but wanted to) is because if it is not primed we can have it primed prior to the install because that is how the job was contracted. “Yeah I think it’s primed, but I still don’t know why we even had this confusing conversation.” All right Mrs. Trim that’s all I needed to know is that the trim was primed. We will see you x-date, have a good day. That is where the call ended, but you better believe in my head it continued on. Like we aren’t working on the space station her lady. There is nothing confusing about the conversation. Is your trim primed yes or no? The only thing unnecessary about the call was your shitty attitude and the fact that you were too dumb to realize that you were the one who told us you were going to have the trim painted to begin with and actually having the trim painted prior to install is the absolute best way to do it because then you don’t have to tape off or paint around anything. I will honestly never understand these Karen’s out here and hopefully Mrs. Trim gets a splinter in all her fingers.

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